Mrs. Chaney
  • Mrs. Chaney

Mrs. Benson
  • Mrs. Benson

  • Classes Taught
  • SS/ED Check In
  • Humanities II
  • Basic Reading
  • Jumanities I Writing
  • Basic Writing
  • Humanities I Reading
Mrs. Bond
  • Mrs. Bond

  • Classes Taught
  • Basic Science I
  • Basic Math II
  • Basic Life Skills
  • Basic Reading
  • Basic Work 9-11
Mrs. DeLisle
  • Mrs. DeLisle

  • Classes Taught
  • Study Skills
  • Intermediate Algebra I
  • Geography/Physics
Ms. Davis
  • Ms. Davis

Mrs. Curtis
  • Mrs. Curtis

  • Classes Taught
  • Lifetime Fitness
  • Adaptive PE
  • Career Readiness
  • Job Coaching/Work 12+


Mar 27

A new parent letter released today (4/3/20). Please visit our district COVID-19 information page

On Wednesday, April 1st, the Governor extended school building closures through April 30th, a move that makes it even less likely that in-person classes will resume this school year. For more information on this, please read the most recent parent letter at the link above.


Mar 20
Bank of Colorado Delta High School scholarship application is due 4/17/20. Click here to download the application. Once completed, the application must be turned in to our District Office.
Jan 29
Weekly Parent Newsletter - click here to read the latest news, events and announcements shared in our weekly parent newsletter. Announcements are sent to the parent email provided during Student Registration.


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Safe To Tell

Safe2TellĀ® provides YOUNG people a way to report any threatening behaviors or activities endangering themselves or someone they know, in a way that keeps them safe and anonymous. Safe2tell.org



Seniors please get your photos to the yearbook staff before December 1st.